Sunday, December 5, 2010

How many Strings?

Clue#3 in the Quiltville Mystery Quilt is ....Make 60 - 8 1/2" square String Blocks from Neutrals!!....Awesome!!
I love making string blocks.  I made my first string quilt  back in January/February of this year.  Then I made a few more after that. So much fun. For foundations I prefer phone book pages.  This summer, "The Hub" and I spent a lovely afternoon on the deck with a cool drink and tore away all the paper . I usually sew  the blocks together into tops before removing the paper but I think for this mystery I am going to remove the paper once the block is made.  I will probably press and starch to make sure the edges keep as straight as possible. Here's a pic of strings I have available right now...Do you think I will get 60 blocks from this pile before I have to cut any more strings?  We will see...I have almost 20 done so far.

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  1. Good luck with your string blocks! Your pink string quilt is beautiful!♥


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