Monday, October 25, 2010

I can focus on one thing at a time!!

It's been a whole week since I have been in my sewing room. I promised myself last Monday that I would not go in my sewing room for a whole week in order to get some handquilting done on my Spring Morning quilt. I didnt think I could do it..but I did. I got a lot done by focusing just on that quilt. There's still a lot to do but at least I dont feel so bad now. When I go into my sewing room I tend to get a bit too motivated and start a new project in the middle of the one I am working on at the time. 2010 is my stashbusting/UFO finishing year so I really have to try and keep a lid on new projects. Here's some pics of my sewing room in the basement. Its a bit of a mess right now so I guess I will do some tidying up today. I plan on moving it upstairs when my son moves out, probably within the next six months. Then I will have two spare bedrooms upstairs so I will keep one for a guest room and make the other one my quilting room.



  1. I wish my quiltmaking area looked as good as your does!!!

  2. Linda I had to laugh at your "little messy" sewing studio. If that's the case, mine is a LOT MESSY and the caps means just that. I cleaned one corner over the weekend and got bored really fast and went back to sewing. It's great that you keep your tidy.

  3. Holy Cow! I love how you have your books and magazines arranged. This is fabulous!


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