Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Bali Beauty

Got my camera back so here's a look at what I have done so far on my "Bali Beauty". It is not complete yet as I still have to do some freemotion quilting on the outer spike area. It is from the design by Karen Neary called "Oriental Beauty". Karen's patterns are awesome The batiks I used were given to me by my sister Betty. She bought them while visiting Bali last year. It is paper-pieced. The curves are machine appliqued. Such a great technique. It went together like a dream!! It will hang in my dining-room when completed.


  1. Linda, that is SO gorgeous!! I love how you did the centre, the darker outline you added really sets off the colours. How special to be able to piece this in balis from Bali.
    Really hope you enjoyed making it; thanks for doing such a great job :)

  2. Linda, that is amazing.. I love the balis and would never have thought to use them for the oriental beauty.. Love Karen's patterns - have made 10 of her other beauties in Christmas fabric and given as gifts. They are my favorite pattern so far and do plan to do the oriental beauty - you have given me endless possibilities - thank you!! Bernice

  3. Love your Bali beauty. I haven't done that pattern of Karen's but I am doing another one of hers as a Christmas in July project.


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