Sunday, May 16, 2010

OK, OK....little sister...the time has come!!

I'm a quilter. My quilt world is my passion in life. My little sister (10 years younger) was wishing that she had a passion in her life so I suggested why not try knitting again. She used to knit when she was younger and had given it up. I knew quilting wasnt for her or I certainly would have suggested that. So we went together to a knitting class at the local yarn shop (The Loop)and she was hooked. I was also bitten and started to knit dishcloths and simple scarves. She went right to afghans and socks and sweaters. She has been bugging me to learn sock knitting but I keep putting her off. Knitting is difficult for me...dont know why....just is, but I love it and I am determined to be successful. Yesterday at the yarn shop (L K Yarns) two balls of sock yarn were sitting in a basket all by themselves. The colour is a variegated grey/black. There was a bit of a silver sparkle here and there in the yarn and it caught my eye and that was it. Had to come home with me and I am going to surprise my sister with a pair of socks. I also bought the yarn to make a Cat's Paw Lace scarf for my niece for Christmas. It is so gorgeous. Lana Grossa Babykid made in Italy. 60% Superkid Mohair and 40% Microfibre. So soft.


  1. I had to enlarge the picture to see the sparkle, but it's there. Those both look like they'll feel nice in the hand.

  2. Hi, Linda:
    Will watch with much interest to see your socks! I recently purchased some new yarns to try and I thank you and your sister for input. I hope your socks work up quickly - I'll be checking back to see!
    Karen in Amherst, N.S.


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