Monday, March 8, 2010

Left Over Quilt #3

I have been working hard lately. I took the remaining leftover blocks and cut them in quarters and then inserted a strip inbetween the four quarters and then sewed them all together. I have also been handquilting on Spring Morning and knitting a cabled scarf for my nephew to wear in Alberta next winter. I am also working on green string blocks. I found that I dont have hardly any light or medium greens left. Mostly darks.
My plan of using up all my scraps is continuing. After the greens there are the peaches/rusts/oranges and purples and reds and blacks. So I am about halfway using up my scraps to make string quilts. The green one I am making now is being sewn on rectangular phone book pages so I will end up with a diamond effect. What fun!!

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  1. Hi! Found your site from one of your comments on some other site I was checking out. Scrolled through your quilt pictures, and they are lovely. I am in SE Cape Breton! Always interested in finding other NS artisans! Curious about what a greeting card merchandiser does. Would you e-mail me? Thanks, karen


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