Monday, June 29, 2009

Scrappy Log Cabin #2

WOW, Six Months have past since I last posted. I am furiously trying to finish handquilting Mike's retirement quilt. His function at work is on July 14! I cant believe that I started this quilt 7 years ago! It started out as a walhanging and just kept growing. I thought I had lots of time to get it quilted so needless to say I have made lots of tops and quilted a quite a few quilts in that time. But the time is upon me now. I am out to the borders and the quilting is going well. My fingers are sore as heck but that comes with it. I was almost finished handquilting my brother-in-law Chris' quilt but had to stop to work on Mike's. I also made a scrappy log cabin quilt top and that will be the next one in line for handquilting. I will put a pic up as soon as I finish Mike's quilt.

I have also made a major sewing machine purchase. I saved and saved and finally bought a beautiful Pfaff. It is a Quilt Expressions 4.0 I love it. I am now practicing machine quilting. I love my handquilting but there comes a time that some projects just need to be machinequilted or they will never be finished. The first piecing I did on my new machine was the scrappy log cabin. I will post a pic of this one though it is not quilted as yet.


  1. I love your scrappy log cabin, log cabin is my favourite block at the moment and I'm doing one for my pizza box challenge..
    so scrappy and fun looking!

  2. Thanks Val. Log Cabin is my fav too!!


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